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Project / Location
(Rs. in Lacs)
Scope of Work
Housing & Urban Development Corportion Limited
Multipurpose Hospitality Complex, New Delhi
Maneck N. Dastur; Deolalikar Consultants Pvt. Ltd. & NIDC Limited
Steam Generation and Distribution System comprising of 3 x 2000 Kg/hr. Steam Boilers, Condensate / Soft Water Tanks, Feed Water Tanks, Condensate Pumps, Steam, Condensate and Feed Water Piping, Fuel Oil Storage & Handling System comprising of 2 x 75 Kl LSHS Oil Storage Tanks, Transfer Pumps, Day Tanks, Piping and Electric Heat Tracers, Flue Duct & Chimney, Thermal Insulation, Electrical Control, Panels & wiring and instruments such as Steam Flow, Pressure & Temperature Indicators, Flue Gas Analysing & Recording System, Oil Level Indicators, etc.
ITC Hotels Limited
Welcomgroup Rajputana Palace Sheraton, Jaipur (Rajasthan)
Deolalikar Consultants Private Limited
Hot Water Calorifiers, Feed Water Facilities, Fuel Oil Facilities such as Storage Tanks, Day Tanks, Pumps & Piping, Flue Gas Ducting & Chimney, Steam Distribution and Condensate Recovery Piping, Pressure Reducing Station, Valves & Controls, Electrical Panels & Wiring, Instruments such as Steam Flow, pressure and temperature measurement, Flue Gas Analysing & Recording System.
Royale Manor Hotels & Industries Limited
Fivestar Hotel (Earlier 'The Trident'), Ahmedabad
Spectral Services Consultants Private Limited
2 x 600 Kg/Hr. Steam Boiler, 2 x 400000 Kcal/hr. Hot Water Boilers, LDO & HSD Storage facility, Flue & Chimney including Scrubbers, Steam, Hot Water Piping and Insulation works.
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