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Quality work, timely completion and value for money are main criteria for any work. More so when it comes to construction projects, by making them go into full stream just in time and with least interruptions.

Backed with over three decades of construction experience, MARK ENGINEERS have adopted ‘QUALITY, TIME & VALUE’ as base in their EPC Contract Works spread all over India. We have been retained, so to say, as in-house Contractors by many an industrial chain in various fields of Hotels, Hospitals, Pharmaceuticals, Textiles, etc. Many Architects, Consultants and Project Managers have repeatedly assigned MARK ENGINEERS with project construction contracts from Haridwar, Srinagar in North to Bangalore, Chennai, Coimbatore in South to Khajuraho, Kolkata in the East and to even some of our neighbouring countries.

Through continuous improvement in energy saving methods in Steam Distribution & Condensate Recovery Systems or be it efficient handling of Compressed Air, petroleum products including LPG / PNG, MARK ENGINEERS have met all requirements thoroughly in the past and is marching ahead with challenging assignments year after year……
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